Communities roadmap in @LNp2pBot

Francisco Calderón published on
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@lnp2pBot Communities

Although you may think that communities is something new, it is actually something that I have had in my mind for a long time, this idea came out of my concern about the scalability of the project, that's why every time I found someone willing to talking about this topic I squeezed his ideas to the fullest and then molded new ideas in my head, there has not been an "aha moment", instead there have been many "aha moments", some have destroyed the previous one.

When describing where the communities are going, we practically define where @LNp2pBot is going, since the communities could be the ones who make the wooden puppet end up being a real boy.


The best thing about the development of @lnp2pBot being progressive is that it gives us time to think and analyze ideas, I had thought long ago that those who resolve disputes would keep a percentage of the amount of the order at the time of resolution, this makes total sense, probably it is the first idea that comes to your head in this use case, but after listening to ideas, thinking and analyzing it occurred to me that there is another way to do it that I personally consider to be much better.


In addition to the incentive for those who resolve disputes, an economic incentive is needed for our admin (benevolent dictator), who is the one who maintains the ranch, the admin is aware that everything works well, his work should be rewarded, but where do we get this incentive? The answer was right under our noses, the bot fee.

Bot Fee

The bot charges a fee for the service, this fee is paid by the seller, the admin will have the opportunity to set up the community so that a percentage of all successful operations of the community can be withdrawn by the admin after a period of time, the admin and those who work For him, they will have all the information about who resolved how many disputes, the total number of successful orders, the volume, and the amount of profit. This leaves the door open for us so that if in the future our users feel that it is necessary to add another role so that users can work in the communities, we can easily add it and this will not affect the payment to collaborators.

The admin, as the boss, is in charge of paying the amount that he/she decided to the collaborators, everyone will have all the information at hand and will be able to negotiate how the money is divided, this is the purest representation of capitalism and free market, if there is a greedy admin it is very easy for anyone to create another community and compete with it.

Variable rate

Another important detail is that the percentage that the community charges is variable, this gives a tool to those who start to offer something to sellers, for example, new communities can offer a very low or zero rate to sellers so that they are make it more attractive for sellers to place offers in that community.

Dividing Liquidity?

There is a concern that by allowing users to create communities of the same currency there will be less liquidity and that users will jump between communities fishing for valid buyers or sellers, this concern is and makes a lot of sense, but the idea of ​​the bot is to deliver all the possible control to users, even if this implies that there are cases like the one described above.


However, in parallel we are developing a web interface that will allow us to see all the orders and filter them by communities, by currencies, users could take an order without knowing which community they are in, solving the liquidity problem.



The creation of Bitcoin has inspired many ideas such as @lnp2pBot, which aims to restore the peer to peer nature of Bitcoin as electronic cash, but also copies the idea of ​​creating systems that can have its own life through incentives, thanks Satoshi.